Company History

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Since 1945 ~ Three generations of Perillo experience at your service.

Joseph PerilloMy father loved life. He was passionate about everything. "Love what you're doing," he would say, "or don't do it." Now, more than ever, I take my father's words to heart. As the president of Perillo Tours, I want to strengthen the family business my grandfather, Joseph, and my Dad, Mario Perillo, turned into an Italian-American institution.

Since 1945, Perillo Tours has provided the best travel experiences and value to our customers. I promise you that will never change.

When my grandfather started Joseph Perillo and Sons just after the second World War, he had about $300, a used Remington typewriter (which I still have), and a month's rent on a small storefront under the Third Avenue El in the Bronx. It was in a section they still call Little Italy. I am proud of the legacy of our humble beginnings and of the innovations pioneered by my father. Through hard work, dedication, and uncommon integrity, Dad changed the way so many people travel as he turned a small family business into an international success. And turned himself into Mr. Italy.

Did you know that Dad pioneered the concept of tour packages? This great idea alone made it possible for us to take more people to Italy than any other tour company in the world. Mario and Steve PerilloAnd if you've traveled with Perillo Tours, you know that our exceptional buying power allows us to offer more Perillo exclusives and more pampering than you can possibly find through any other tour company for the money.

When I took over the family business from my father, I knew I had a lot to live up to. But Dad taught me well. "It's all in the genes," he used to say.

And he was right. I am proud of our family business. I love to travel. And I know that keeping Perillo Tours true to its roots is now my job.

So I promise that our deluxe, fully-escorted adventures will remain the most elegant, carefree, and affordable ways to travel throughout Italy and Hawaii. That we will continue to take you in comfort to the world's big cities and small hill towns, off-beaten paths and along grand boulevards. That our rates will continue to include almost everything. And that our knowledgeable and experienced tour directors will continue to be the best traveling companions you'll find anywhere in the world.

Dad received many professional awards throughout his exceptional career. To me they represent the high standards we will always maintain. These honors include the prestigious Golden Lion Award given to him by fellow Italian and former New York City mayor, Rudy Guiliani. My father was even named by the president of Italy as Cavalier on the Order of Merit. There were many other awards as well. But my father's most important achievements were his family and his family business.

Now my father's voice is silent. But his spirit lives on. I promise, as I promised my father, that I will continue working hard to please you.

I look forward to this opportunity to carry Perillo Tours into a third generation, and I hope you will come to know me over the years, just as you knew my father.

So, as always, Chi viaggia con Perillo, viaggia tranquillo! Let our journey together continue.


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