What is VAT?

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VAT is a value added tax that is included in the sale price of most goods. As a tourist, you are entitled to reimbursement of this tax.

If you see a "Euro Tax Free" sign on a store window or door this means that the store participates in the "Tax Free Italy" program. When making a purchase at a tax free store, present your passport at the cash register and ask the store clerk to issue you a "Tax Free Shopping Cheque" along with a receipt. The store will charge you tax at the time of sale. The Tax Free Shopping form will indicate the amount of VAT (IVA) refund that you are eligible to receive at the Global Refund desk at the airport.

Keep the merchandise that you purchased with you at the airport (if possible) when submitting your refund form as Customs sometimes inspects the merchandise before stamping the Tax Refund Forms. Remember not to wrap gifts to be carried on board the aircraft.

Allow plenty of time at the airport to process your claim!

Please note that the refund can only be given at the airport in Italy. Once you have returned to the United States, it is not possible to obtain it.

For further information, please visit the following website: http://www.globalrefund.com/