MAUI  — "The Valley Island"

Maui has something for everyone. Formed by the convergence of two volcanoes, Maui boasts white beaches, seemingly endless sunny days, sugar cane, pineapple, cattle ranches and lush tropical rainforests that slope from the mountains to the sea.

Lahaina was once the capital of the kingdom of Hawai’i. Once considered a rowdy port-of-call, the town is now one of Maui’s most popular visitor destinations. A stroll along Front Street, along the low seawall in the hub of Lahaina, is a must, and the nearby Carthaginian II is a nod to Maui’s whaling past.  Other places worth a visit include Pa'ia and its Mantokuji Buddhist Temple, offering insight into Hawai’s old sugar industry; the Hawai’ian town of Hana  and the historic Wananalua Church; and the otherworldly beauty of volcanic Mt. Haleakala.

Like elsewhere in the fabulous paradise of Hawai’i, there is plenty more to do for those with the time and energy: beaches, golfing, watersports, shopping and plenty of romance and fine dining.

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