OAHU — "The Gathering Place"

From the northern natural scenic areas to the skyscrapers towering over the white sands of Waikiki, Oahu is the most visited island in the state of Hawaii. It’s also one of the most interesting; novelist Mark Twain once commented that every step in the city of Honolulu revealed a new contrast. Today the streets of Honolulu are still flocked with businessmen in suits, schoolchildren in uniform and Samoans in bright sarongs.

Elsewhere in the United States, Honolulu is probably best known for Pearl Harbor. Today on that site stands the Arizona Memorial, the most visited attraction in Hawaii. Just outside of town is the Punchbowl Cemetery. The Polynesian Cultural Center is the second most visited attraction in Hawai’i and offers traditional Hawaiian entertainment as well as insight into Hawai’ian culture. The Japanese-style Buddhist Byodo-In Temple welcomes people of all faiths to visit and participate in its traditions.

Oahu has perhaps Hawaii’s best nightlife, beautiful weather year-round, art, culture and plenty of shopping, as well as all the activities you might wish. The only activity you might not enjoy is leaving.

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