Been to Italy Before?

Any traveler to Italy is faced with the daunting task of where to go and what to see, as well as navigating a foreign country, a foreign language and a foreign cuisine. Even if you’ve seen Italy already, a Perillo Tour is the way to go.

Perillo Tours dig a little deeper into the culture of Italy, because Perillo has been taking Americans to see Italy for three generations. Perillo Tour Guides are knowledgeable, not just about Italy, but about Americans, too. They speak English – and they know Italy.

A Perillo Tour can be booked in minutes, saving you the time and trouble of doing it all yourself. Once you’re in Italy, they can help you see the sights that you want to see, even if it’s not part of the scheduled tour. Consider a trip to a region that you haven’t seen before, or extending your stay for a few extra days. We believe for those who've visited Italy before that you would enjoy the following tours:

9 Day Rome and Amalfi Coast (Rome, Amalfi)

12 Day South & Sicily (Palermo, Taormina)

When you travel with Perillo, you go in style. The hotels are well located and more than just comfortable, the food is always excellent, and you have enough time to yourself to explore some more, take an optional side tour, go shopping or just relax. And your Perillo Tour Guides are there for you, to help you with whatever you need, whether it’s tickets to the opera or where to shop for the best bargains.

Buon Viaggio!