Our Tours of Italy

Fully Escorted
Rome (3 nights) Amalfi (4)

Lemon trees and vineyards cascade down the terraced cliffs to the sea. Soft sea breezes mix with the scent of fresh basil, tomatoes and olive oil. Capri sparkles in the distance. Welcome to Amalfi! This is a no-holds-barred invitation to live life to the fullest.

From $3290 per person
Fully Escorted
Palermo (2 nights) Agrigento (1) Taormina (3)* Sorrento (2)* Rome (2)

There’s no place on earth like Sicily. A true melting pot of cultures, you’ll see Greek and Asian influences in the exotic architecture, unique cuisine and faces of her people. If you happen to be of Sicilian heritage, you’ll be surprised by how the “old country” has very much joined the 21st century while retaining its special charm.

* The number of nights in Taormina and Sorrento were incorrectly switched in our brochure.

From $3190 per person
Fully Escorted
Milan (2 nights) Venice (2) Florence (3) Sorrento (2) Rome (3)

This tour is exactly the same as our 14-day Italy North Classic (in reverse), except dinners are not included. We know that some of our travelers enjoy the experience of dining on their own at local restaurants and trattorias. Your tour guide will have a multitude of dining suggestions. Of course, a full buffet breakfast is included daily.

From $3390 per person
Fully Escorted
Rome (3 nights) Sorrento (2) Florence (3) Venice (2) Milan (2)

Perillo’s ‘Italy North Classic’ is the largest selling Italy tour in history. Developed in 1975 by Mario Perillo and Lucio Massari, it remains our most popular itinerary today. The ‘Continental’ tour delivers the identical itinerary (in reverse) but without dinners.

From $4190 per person
Fully Escorted
Venice (2 nights) Florence (3) Rome (3)

Our Marco Polo Tour is the counterpart to our Vesuvius Tour. One featuring Venice, the other featuring Sorrento. Either way, you can be assured that Steve Perillo has hand-selected every hotel, restaurant, sightseeing experience and guide that will make your vacation the memory of a lifetime.

From $2990 per person
Fully Escorted
Rome (3 nights) Sorrento (2) Florence (3)

If you’re looking for a compact and affordable Italy Vacation - Our Vesuvius Tour is perfect! The itinerary is meticulously crafted by Steve Perillo and his team to run like a ‘Swiss Watch’ and be lots of fun too!

Starting from $2890 per person
Fully Escorted
Rome (3 nights) Torgiano (2) Florence (3)

Celebrate the new Pope Francis I, the great food and wine of Italy and the love of the Italian people. Highlights are the playground of the Emperors, VIP Vatican Experience, Papal Audience and Assisi, home of St. Francis.

From $3490 per person
Fully Escorted
Rome (3 nights) Viareggio (4)

On this new Perillo tour, you’ll experience firsthand two of the most sought-after destinations in the world: Tuscany & the Cinque Terre! This tour highlights Rome and the best of Tuscany: Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa while staying in a beautiful seaside luxury hotel in Viareggio.

From $2790 per person