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Before you depart on your exciting tour of Italy, here are a few phrases and useful words to start you on your way.

Useful Expressions

English Italian Pronunciation
Good morning Buon giorno Bwown JOHR-no
Good evening Buona sera BWOW-nah SAY-rah
Good night Buona notte BWOW-nah NWOT-tay
Hello Ciao CHEOW
I?ll be seeing you Arrivederci ahr-ree-va-DARE-chee
My name is Steve Mi chiamo Steve Mee KYAH-mo Steve
Please Per favore pehr fah-vo-ray
Thank you Grazie GRAH-tsyay
How are you? Come sta? KO-may-stah?
You're welcome / at your service / after you Prego PRAY-go
Very well thanks. And you? Molto bene, grazie. E Lei? Mohl-toh BEY-nay, GRAH-tsyay. ay LEH-ee?

Walking Around/Help

English Italian Pronunciation
Where is the ticket office? Dov'e' la biglietteria? Dohv-AY la beel-yayt-tay-REE-ah?
Where is the train to Termini Station? Dov'e' il treno per Stazione Termini? Dohv-AY eel TRAY-noh pehr stah-TZYON-ay TEHR-mee-nee?
Excuse me, where are we? Mi scusi, dove siamo? Mee SKOO-zee, DOH-vay syam-o?
Please write it down. (If you can?t understand how much or what time.) Me lo scriva, per favore May loh SKREE-vah, pehr fah-VOHR-ay.
I speak a little Italian Parlo un po' d'italiano PAHR-lo oon po lee-tahl-yah-no
Let?s go dancing! Andiamo ballare! Ahn-DYA-moh bahl-LAH-ray!


English Italian Pronunciation
One ticket for Milan, please Un biglietto per Milano, per favore Oon beel-LYAYT-toh per mee-LA-no, pehr fah-VOH-ray.
How much? How much does it cost? Quanto? Quanto costa? KWAHN-toh? KWAHN-toh KOHS-tah?
A coffee / cappuccino / beer, please Un caffe / cappuccino / una birra, per favore. Oon kahf-FAY / kappoo-CHEEN-oh / Oo-na BEER-rah, pehr fah-VOH-ray.
I?d like to buy a bottle of water, please Vorrei comprare una bottiglia di acqua minerale, per favore Vor-RAY com-PRA-ray oon-ah boht-TEEL-lya dee AHK-wah mee-nay-RAH-lay, pehr fah-VOH-ray