9 Day Eat, Pray, Love Tour (May-Nov 2014)

12 Day Sicily & the Amalfi Coast (May-Nov 2014)

9 Day Rome & Amalfi Coast (May-Oct 2014)

14 Day North Continental (Apr-Dec 2014)

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10 Day Marco Polo (Apr-Dec 2014)

10 Day Vesuvius (May-Nov 2014)

Officially known as Il Vittoriano, locals derisively refer to it as the Wedding Cake or the Typewriter.

Designed in 1895 and completed in 1935, it is a monument to King Victor Emanuele, the unifier of Italy. Despite its ancient heritage, Italy is a young country and was first unified in 1870. The flame in the center with the military guard marks Italy's tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The building was reopened to the public in 2000, following a $4.5 million, 3-year restoration.

The name Villa Olmo comes from a magnificent elm that no longer stands; it is a beautiful 18th century neoclassical villa on Lake Como.

In 1924, ownership of the Villa passed from the Visconti di Modrone to the City of Como, and the building is now host to the Alessandro Volta Center of Scientific Culture, which has changing exhibitions on the life and work of Alesandro Volta.

Located about half a mile outside Pompeii, this villa survived the eruption of Vesuvius quite well. While it, too, was buried under feet of ash, its walls, ceilings, and notably, its frescoes, were largely undamaged.

The Villa dei Misteri is best known for one room – covered with vivid and strange frescoes. The subject of the frescoes is open to interpretation. Some say the images depict initiation scenes of cult of Dionysus; others believe they show a young woman undergoing the rites of marriage.