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Whether you pronounce it in the Italian, Cápri, or the usual English, Caprí, this the lush little isle in the Bay of Naples has long entranced the world. 

It has been considered a gem since Roman times. More recently, the island has attracted a steady flow of artists, writers and inquisitive tourists. One of its great pleasures is a languid drink at a café on one of the main squares.

There is also some interesting shopping – look for locally crafted limoncello liqueur, perfumes and sandals.

In the Blue Grotto, the water – and indeed the air – glows a breathtaking neon blue. The only way in is in tiny rowboats, through a small hole in the rocky cliff. If that’s not for you, consider the breathtaking view from the cliffs of Villa Jovis.

Built in the first century B.C. and attributed to Tiberius, Villa Jovis was built with large cisterns and water tanks to ensure a water supply for its occupants.