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Grand Hotel Minerva

This superior first-class, modernized hotel is set in a five-story building dating from 1700. It is situated in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, in the heart of historical Florence, and offers 99 rooms.

The Incredible History of the Minerva...

In the Middle Ages, on the place where the Hotel Minerva now stands, there was a building which belonged to the Company of the Archangel Gabriel, one of the many Florentine confraternities attached to the Convent of Santa Maria Novella. In 1472, the building was handed over to the Scala Hospital and became an important welfare institution of the town.

In the 1800s the institution was transformed into a hotel. One of its first guests, certainly the most famous, was the American poet Longfellow, who stayed there when he worked on his translation of The Divine Comedy. Around 1848, a second Florentine railway station was opened, linking the town with Pistoia and Lucca and leading to an increased level of activity.

The Piazza was an attraction for many tourists and it was given the name of "The Mecca of the Foreigners."  We are reminded of this by a commemorative plaque next to the entrance of the Hotel.

At the end of the fifties, as a result of further developments in tourism, it was realized that the Hotel needed radical reconstruction, which, while leaving the facade unaltered and in harmony with the rest of the square, made a rational use of the space and kept up with the times.

The work was carried out by the architect, Edoardo Detti, a great expert in town planning. The support given to him by his friend and colleague, Carlo Scarpa, whose unmistakable style permeates the architecture, was of undoubted importance. At the time many architectural magazines covered the work, defining it as an example of the modernist style of our country.  Once the work was finished, the hotel became one of the landmarks of Florence.

Hotel Features

  • Restaurant
  • American Bar
  • Fitness Center
  • Panoramic Swimming Pool with Solarium


  • Air Conditioning
  • Private bath or shower
  • Phone, Radio
  • Cable TV
  • Minibar

Hotel Address

Piazza S. Maria Novella, 16

50100 Florence

Phone Number: 011 (39) 055-27230

Fax Number: 011 (39) 055-268-281

Hotel Info Image: