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Special Italy Travel Notice

Perillo Tours has been America’s leader in travel to Italy since 1945. The following escorted tours have been in continuous operation for 40 years and enjoyed by 750,000 guests. Each itinerary . . . activity . . . hotel . . . and meal . . . has been personally selected and perfected by Steve Perillo, according to the highest standards of founder Joseph Perillo and Mr. Italy himself – Mario Perillo. Chances are, YOU know someone who’s enjoyed one of our famous Italy tours!

For the 75th consecutive year, we present our Italy tour line-up for 2021.

For sure, it’s one of the more unusual years in our history. But we see 2021 almost like our 1945 launch year.  For the previous 5 years, the only travelers to Europe were our fathers and grandfathers who fought in the war. (Where would we be today without them?)

Now talk about pent-up demand. So in 1946, my grandfather, Joseph Perillo, sold a lot steamship tickets from New York to Naples!

Back to today, we’d like to make it safe, easy and secure for you to book a trip in 2021. While you’ll see all the booking details in our “Terms of Travel”, here are the important points:

  • Cancel for any reason at 60 days prior departure and get a FULL refund.
  • For those who have postponed their 2020 trip, see our Terms of Travel for the cancellation policy.

Naturally, no travel company can guarantee your health. But this year, we’re following these strict health protocols on tour.  These policies will likely be modified next year:

  •  Bus Driver’s temperature will be taken at the beginning of each tour.
  •  Bus will be sanitized DAILY with disinfectants.
  •  Drivers must wear mask and gloves.
  •  Hand sanitizer will be made available to each client on the buses.
  •  All clients must wear a surgical mask.
  •  For 2021, we will have smaller groups on buses.

Andiamo in Italia! Let’s go to Italy!

Steve Perillo

P.S. For complete booking and payment information, please click on our “Terms of Travel” HERE.

Starting at $3895 pp.

Perillo's Italy North Classic is the largest selling Italy tour in history. Developed in 1975 by Mario Perillo and Lucio Massari, it remains our most popular itinerary today. The 'Continental' tour delivers the identical itinerary (in reverse) but without dinners.

Starting at $3295 pp.

Our Marco Polo Tour is the counterpart to our Vesuvius Tour. One featuring Venice, the other featuring Sorrento. Either way, you can be assured that Steve Perillo has hand-selected every hotel, restaurant, sightseeing experience and guide that will make your vacation the memory of a lifetime.

Starting at $2995 pp.

The 'Continental' gives you the chance to dine on your own in Italy! Your tour guide will be happy to suggest everything from trattorias to the finest dining experiences.

Starting at $2995 pp.

This exciting tour highlights two of our favorite places in Italy: Rome and Tuscany. See all of the sites of the Eternal City and Florence and then venture out into the Tuscan countryside.

Starting at $2995 pp.

Lemon trees and vineyards cascade down the terraced cliffs to the sea. Soft sea breezes mix with the scent of fresh basil, tomatoes and olive oil. Capri sparkles in the distance. Welcome to Amalfi! This is a no-holds-barred invitation to live life to the fullest.

Starting at $3795 pp.

There's no place on earth like Sicily. A true melting pot of cultures, you'll see Greek and Asian influences in the exotic architecture, unique cuisine and faces of her people. If you happen to be of Sicilian heritage, you'll be surprised by how the 'old country' has very much joined the 21st century while retaining its special charm.

Starting at $2795 pp.

If you're looking for a compact and affordable Italy Vacation - Our Vesuvius Tour is perfect! The itinerary is meticulously crafted by Steve Perillo and his team to run like a 'Swiss Watch' and be lots of fun too!

Starting at $2995 pp.

On this Perillo tour, you'll experience firsthand the wonders of Northern Italy. This treasure packed tours takes you throughout the celebrated northern gems including Bologna, Rapallo, Stresa, Parma, Venice, Cinque Terre, La Spezia, Portofino, Lugano, Lake Como.

I just wanted to say – thank you to you and the Perillo staff for arranging such a perfect Tour for me and my husband.  This was just wonderful-I have been bragging to my friends and family how great the Perillo family took care of us.

Mrs. R.P.
Scarsdale, NY

Words cannot adequately describe the experience we had with Perillo tours. ! Our 14 day northern Italy classic tour was a dream come true. Every day I woke up and felt like someone should pinch me, it was surreal. Everything was top notch from the hotels, restaurants, the itinerary and the wonderful tour guides and bus driver. I came home completely satisfied knowing that I went to Italy and so everything I wanted to see. The only disappointing part of the trip was Milan. I would've rather had more time to spend in the Sorrento/Capri area. Milan could not compare to the other cities that we visited and the activities that we did. Overall, we had a fantastic time and I highly recommend perillo tours to all my friends and family.

Mr. & Mrs. T.M.